Why self-esteem is so important

By | September 6, 2015


self-esteem is so important

Do you have high self-esteem? Why self-esteem is so important? How often do you ask yourself these questions? Whether you are beginning a new job, going to attend an interview, searching for a potential lover a healthy dose of self-confidence carriers a lot of benefits. Confidence can lift your mental state, make you more

assertive as well as increase your overall well-being.

Benefits of self –confidence

Self-confidence can help you manage your fears, tackle life’s challenges with more courage and maintain a positive mental attitude. It is based on past experiences and improves as you build up a repertoire of success to rely on. Let’s dig deeper and identify more specific benefits that are worth appreciating.

1. Swimming in a Loving Relationship

By having self-confidence in your looks, it can help you attract a possible romantic partner. According to a study done by behavior and social science researchers. It was found that adults who considered themselves as attractive had a higher level of romantic self –esteem. Therefore, the more confident you are, the more likely you’ll appeal a potential date.

2. Better health

People who believe in themselves can deal with tight situations without getting chaotic. They understand that they are capable of making the right decision and constructive efforts to solve whatever problem that arises. It will thus help them avoid excessive stress, anger, high blood pressure and all negative side effects of feeling overwhelmed and powerless. It is hence one of the paths to good health.

9 Best ways to build your self-esteem3. Understand Yourself on a deeper level

Confidence doesn’t just come suddenly. But it takes a cute eye inward and the capacity to know yourself. So, while you are building your self-confidence, you are also developing a conceptual list of your strengths. Therefore, one benefit that confidence provides is the skill to assess and understand yourself. This helps you make an accurate picture of who you are in your mind. You can later use this to evaluate yourself in what way you fit into a relationship, professional practice, and social scenarios.

4. Enjoy Stronger relationship bonds

Time spent well is the most precious investment we can make in any relationship. Spending a good time with your partner, friend and a relative can help strengthen the relationship. With children, it helps them grow up feeling loved. The children then have the opportunity to develop into self-reliant and self-confident adults.

5. Confident people make positive contributions to work

Self-confidence is an essential factor in making us more efficient in our work. We may enjoy our work since we know what we are doing, and we are not afraid to deal with the unknown or ask for help when we need it. No one does everything right but making a mistake is never the end of the world. Confident employees take complex tasks that require commitment and concentration.

6. Assert Yourself

A little self-confidence relates with reluctance to show yourself or act assertively. Contrary, if you have a strong sense of self-assurance, you are more likely to have the innermost power to declare yourself and stand up for others. You are that person who can air out what is in your mind when you feel it is necessary.

7. Your Emotions

People with low self –esteem has a tendency to look down as they feel that they are not worth. This causes one to smile less and always feel discontent with life as a whole. By boosting your self-confidence, you will be able to walk around with a bounce in your step as well as derive a greater satisfaction from life.

Keep in mind that boosting your self-confidence is something achievable and desirable. Make a plan today, and set out a checklist to direct you to improve your confidence and reap the significant benefits it will bring to your life.
How to talk with anyone, you will always be on top!

How strong is your self-confidence at the moment? Please share with us in the comments.



10 thoughts on “Why self-esteem is so important

  1. Robert

    Great and up-lifting article on self-esteem. It’s important to remember that people who suffer from depression also have low self-esteem.

    I’ve had many health set backs in my life which has made it difficult to be active and I can no longer work.

    It’s very hard to be up-beat all the time when you feel useless. It’s a daily struggle but I’m a survivor and I approach it one day at a time. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Johann H Ragnarsson Post author

      Thank you, Robert and thanks for kind words.

      Good luck about everything!

  2. Adrian

    This is a really good uplifting post and I would agree that having self esteem is very important because I think a lot of your success as a person hinges on it.

    The person with self confidence is going to develop relationships with people a lot easier and they are just able to attract people unto themselves.

    They are people who are usually going to achieve a lot in life because they will feel healthier and happier and are not afraid to give something a go if they haven’t done it before.

    I agree with all your points as past successes are the stepping stones to greater success.

    1. Johann H Ragnarsson Post author

      Thank you for the comment, Adrian.
      Yes, self esteem are very important and it´s important to keep that always in your mind. Because you need to train it and build on it. It get you more positive and help you yo get your goals and feel better.

  3. dragon101999

    I love your blog, especially the seven points you give are very well explained. It is very informative and i would recommend your blog to my circle of friends.

    I say all the time: more knowledge = more confidence
    and knowledge + action = more results

    have a great day 🙂

    1. Johann H Ragnarsson Post author

      Thank you very much!
      I agree, with more knowledge you are always more confidence.

      Good luck in everything!

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    On a different note try and add more images or improve presentation abit. Other than that, well done.

    1. Johann H Ragnarsson Post author

      Thank you very much for this. It is a honour for me that you bookmarked it. The website is in much development and some good and important steps come in, in next weeks. Always to let it be better and better.

  5. Sonny

    I totally agree self-esteem is import on so many levels of our well-being.We all need to be conscious of our negitive thoughts and try to replace them with positve self affrimations instantly.
    I have suffered from low self-esteem myself for years and any opportunity for me trying to get rid of these negitve thoughts like reading your self help book/s will definately help me big time.
    Thanks for your review,Johann.
    Sonny Williams.


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