Ways to improve self-confidence

Learning the best ways to improve self-confidence is important for all individuals who dream of success in their lives. I call it the best preparation for life’s success. Anyone who lacks self-confidence might be wondering the reason he does not achieve his life goals. Research has shown a positive correlation of success with the inner self-belief.

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Here is a comprehensive guide that will give you everything you need to know to grow your self-confidence. The tips you will learn in this guide are useful to even those who have given up. They are from great research to produce the very best comprehensive guide on ways to improve self-confidence.


Ways to improve self-confidenceThat’s not the only good thing in my self-confidence guide. The ways to improve self-confidence listed in this guide are made as practical as possible. You will not struggle to make it. I have simplified the methods for you to make them easy to understand.

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My dream is to make everyone who goes through these tips to have a complete change in their lives. It is our time to succeed. It is our time to improve SELF ESTEEM AND SELF CONFIDENCE.


Once you can improve your self-confidence, you will go through all those things that you thought that will never work out. Your dream job, your unreached goals, they are somewhere waiting for you to improve your self-believe. It is all you want to be who you were created to be. It is therefore very important that you go through each of these ways to improve self-confidence. One by one till the very end. Once you are through, take a practical approach and try out the tips that are working the very best for you. Succeeding is never easy, but why not try out, my few promising tips? By understanding some simple aspects that I will teach you here, you will transform your life.

Understanding self-confidence

When people ask me what is self-confidence I find it tricky to generalize this important term to a single sentence definition. I tend to think of self-confidence as a way of understanding yourself. It is that time when you have a complete believe in your power and abilities. Your personal judgment assures you that you are capable of doing all things that can be presented to you. Of course, it is not an easy task to remain self-confident at all times. But through continuous training, impossible can be made possible.

Self-confident people are always admired by their colleagues.  Their boldness, high levels of self-esteem that they have made them leaders of our society. Can you tell me of one successful person who had low self-confidence?

Here is a simple table that shows a person with or with no self-confidence.

Self-confident person Person with low self-confidence
He does everything he believes is right without worrying about what other people think He seeks a lot of opinions, feel weak to believe in anything from himself
He is a leader, takes a risk such as engaging in business Fears failing. Can never be involved in any risky activity
He learns from his mistakes. Every time he fails, he works hard never to repeat the same mistakes He is weak, he hides his mistakes to avoid being criticized by peers
Accepts compliments knowing that he had worked hard to achieve Dismisses compliments since he believes he did nothing
He is ready to learn new things and try them out He fears being criticized for not knowing. Therefore hides from learning new things.


This table gives you a review of characteristics displayed by self-confident individuals and those who have low self-confidence. Is there anything you have loved about the low self-confident person? Can you ever dream to have low self-confidence?

Body mind techniquesHere is the deal…

Having low self-confidence is really bad. For sure you will remain behind if you do not do everything to improve your self-esteem. Use that table to categorize yourself. If by any chance you are on the wrong side; here is the chance to change your life forever. Choose today to leave everything behind and start living a better life. You can start it right away by learning my best ways to improve self-confidence.

  1. Caring for ourselves

Self-care is important. It makes you feel beautiful. It is one of the best strategies to improve your self-confidence.

This is important….

Most of those people who have low self-confidence and low self-esteem will have an issue with their body. These are the people who look at the mirror, and all they see is their enemy. Yes!! Their body image is their greatest enemy. You will find them complain of literary anything they have.

If you do not love your body image, who will love it for you? Can you get a replacement of the body? Loving your body will help you love yourself. This will make you feel good. It is the first step to becoming confident. When you feel presentable, you are confident to tackle all the tasks ahead of you without thinking what other people are thinking about you.

You are imperfect, and this is permanent.

Yeah, it´s very true that no one has a perfect body. Ask the most beautiful model about how she feels on her body figure. You will be amazed if she gives you an honest opinion. She is not flawless. She also has a lot of complains on her looks. So when you think your body looks are not that good; just understand that you are imperfect, and everyone is. So stop crying it out. It won’t help. You will cry but wake up to find your figure imperfect. But there are ways to improve your body by taking good care of yourself.

Here are some of the ways to take care of your body so that you feel good about yourself.

Wear comfortable clothes. You should ensure that the clothes you are moving out with are comfortable. Meet people when you are dressed the best way you can. They will tell you that you are beautiful. And that will create a smile on your face. When people recognize and appreciate your beauty, you will feel good among them, and this will definitely boost your self-confidence.

Look into the mirror but think optimistically. You can never do it without a mirror. You need to check if you are at your best. But anytime you look in that mirror. Tell your mind that you are looking at the best person that you have ever seen. Don’t look at your hair and cry of how bad it looks, look at it and feel motivated that you have taken enough care of it. It is this positive thinking that will send you smiling throughout the day.

Create a why I like myself list. This is a cool thing to do. It will remind you why you should have confidence in yourself. You cannot miss some few things that you really love about yourself. Put them down on paper. Add the list anytime you do something good. Hang the list in the places you visit most in your house. These are the few things that will keep you motivated, and this will improve your self-esteem.

A healthy body is a beautiful body. Most of the times that we think that we are not looking good its because we are not maintaining a healthy body. How do you expect to look nice while you are overweight? Some of us can barely walk due to the excess weight. Do you still expect us to tell you that you are beautiful? Definitely NO!! Have you thought of taking away the excess weight to make your body better? You should if you have not yet started. When you are looking good, self-confidence will grow.

Eat well. This is the current gospel. Eat well to take care of your body. There are foods that have been shown to nourish our skin and make it look great. Some foods have been shown to detoxify toxins and reduce the aging rate of our body. When you see a beautiful person who looks younger than their age, it’s because they have learned the art of eating appropriately. They give their body dishes that will make it glow and remain beautiful. Understand these tricks. They will help you take care of your body. Once your body is perfect, you will never suffer from low self-confidence.

2.Body mind techniques

Body mind techniquesOur minds control our emotions. Universally being emotionally healthy contributes positively to our behavior. It is out of these positive emotions that we can handle life’s stressful moments, build strong bonds with our friends and relatives as well as maintain appropriate physical health. Body mind techniques train us to take control our emotions. We get to understand our feeling and this trains us to tune our mind to the positive feelings.

You cannot ignore this….

Working on your emotional health is beneficial. It will help you build resilience, joy and a positive attitude towards life. It might be what you need to improve self-confidence.

To understand this let me share with you the story of my good friend Ann.

Ann is a beautiful lady. She has been working as a secretary in a distribution agency.  Lately, she has changed a lot. Her beautiful smile has become rare. She lives in fear of doing something wrong. Because am close to her she once confessed that she has a feeling that most of her colleagues are always mad at her. She thinks she is not doing everything the best way possible. This is what makes her anxious and out of control of most her jobs. If you ask her a simple question, for example “is the boss in?” she will take sometime before she answers it. She is not sure if she has the right response. Her boss did not say hi to her this morning. He was in a hurry to send a report to his suppliers. Ann believes she has something wrong even when she is on the right.

Ann suffers from a lack of self-confidence. Her emotions are out of control. She needs some psychotherapy to improve her emotional health, and this will help her improve self-confidence. It is what most of the face in our places of work. We tend to feel bad even in situations that we are not responsible. Other times we over-judge ourselves.

Here is the solution to improve our self-confidence

Appeal to your senses- Controls your mind and emotions

  • Be calm so that you control your five senses.
  • Control your breathing in places that you feel you are running out of control
  • Refocus to what is right. It is possible to do this if you can control your emotions
  • Engage others that might be involved in your activities. This will help you avoid judging yourself
  • Avoid negative thoughts
  • Relax when you are in the wrong, apologize and try to do it right next time you have the opportunity.

Here is a therapy that can work out to control your mind

Be mindful of your present situation not on your past mistakes. Rather than letting your mind wander to the emotions create a positive emotion by engaging on the things that are at hand. Remember an idle mind is the devils workshop.

Listen to good music if you can. Sing along the musician. It will help you control your mind.

Meditation-Sometimes guided meditation is the best way to curb running thoughts in our minds. It helps us get in touch with our bodies. With meditation, you can focus on what is important and leave out the things that are not helping you.

Learn to be happy. By keeping a smile on your face, you release hormones that encourage, strengthen, make you look beautiful and also motivate you in your workplace.

Do things that impact others positively. Anytime time I think that am not good enough, I always remind myself of the good things I did to other people. Being good to other not only does it impact them positively but it also makes you feel good about yourself.

Controlling your mind controls your body. You need to train in mind-body techniques that will help you control the things around you. It is all you need to avoid fear in your workplace and low self-confidence in what you do.

  1. Stress and anxiety management

Stress and anxiety managementStress and anxiety are the greatest contributors to low self-confidence. When we are stressed, we cannot believe in ourselves. When we are anxious, we loose control of our emotions. We can barely perform.


Stress is a normal thing.  It is the normal body reaction to increasing demand of life events.  Stress occurs when fight and flight hormones are released by our body. At one point of your life, you must have faced serious stressing situations. Research has shown that everyone faces a stressful day each year. Some of us we get continuous stressing moments that almost cripple our dreams. You need to understand when you are stressed so that you can get over the situation.

Here is what you need….

Below are my tips for reducing stress:

Run form the stressor– Sometimes it is highly advisable to keep off stressful situations especially if you are suffering from chronic stress. But if some of these situations can not be avoided, it is wise to take some time out before you think of strategies out of the stressful situation.

Social support– Most of the time we are stressed by minor things. If you talk to a friend or take a psychotherapy session, you can overcome some of these situations.

Eat well- some of the foods we consume daily have been linked to stress. Eating a well-balanced meal not only keeps our bodies healthy but helps it to control stress. Avoid skipping meals. Take energy boosting foods that will energize you when dealing with stressful work.

Do your best, Leave the rest– It always feels good wen you give your best to something. You can ignore the rest. Once you have tried your best in your work, you have contentment even if it does not work out. You won’t be stressed for not working hard.

Avoid being a perfectionist– Being a perfectionist leads to stress when things do not work out. It also leads to low self-confidence if you fail continuously. Give yourself some room to fail. Everybody fails, stop beating yourself.

Practice Yoga– Yoga is a mind-body practice effective in controlling stress. It also has medical advantages such as lowering blood pressure. It is easy and can be learned by everyone whether old or young. You just need to learn physical poses, control your breathing, meditate and relax. It is a practice not only for reducing stress but also for improving self-confidence.

Here are details on how to use yoga to kill stress, anxiousness and also build self-confidence

Learn Yoga postures and movements; For example, lying on the floor in a relaxed manner. This will cool you down and help you refocus to your dreams. Once you can carry out, the simple techniques proceed to the complex movements and poses that will increase your body strength and flexibility. Being in a good physical form also motivates you. It makes you feel good about yourself, and this improves your self-confidence.

In Yoga techniques, you will learn ways to coordinate your breathing with your activities. Controlling your breathing is a technique important in controlling emotional health. You will control your body in situations that you feel you cannot make it. This is the assured way that yoga can help you improve self-confidence.


Yoga is not just poses and movements. But you incorporate with a very important tool. This is meditation. During meditation, you can control your mind in the present situation. It’s by controlling your mind that you can avoid over judging yourself. It is the proven trick of controlling anxiousness. It is good for all of us to use this technique to improve control our mind, and this will help us grow our self-confidence.

  1. Exercise

Practice in-house simple exercisesIn psychology, low self-confidence is known to proceed to some mental disorders. This should make you worried because if you continue allowing yourself to be suffering from the low self-confidence, you might have to fight serious conditions such as depression. Depression occurs when you continue doubting yourself until you withdraw from people.


You can avoid this by taking good care of yourself through simple exercises. When you exercise, you are refreshing your body. You are boosting your mind by letting it relax. If you are suffering from low self-esteem, maybe all you need is some workout to energize you.

When anyone talks to us about workouts, we think of going to the gym. Yeah, that’s a very good idea if you have time. But if you don’t have time, don’t think you have an excuse. You can convert almost everything you do to an exercise. You can have some house workouts that will help you shed weight while also helping you grow your self-image.

If you have low self-confidence, practice this;

Get enough sleep at night. Enough sleep makes you wake up energized to face the day’s activities. It will help you keep your shoulders high.

Practice in-house simple exercises that will refresh you in the morning. Use a skipping rope, try out cardio exercises, dancing some songs that will make you sweat, jog around the house and, if possible, you can have a morning run.

Take a shower to refresh up before heading up to your workplace

In the workplace, try to get busy by being involved in the activities that are taking place. When idle you might feel low. It is therefore very important that you get engaged in activities that you believe you can manage.

During your free time get involved in activities that you enjoy. For example reading, painting, dancing, singing, etc. These activities help you interact positively with other people, and this boosts your interaction with these people.

In the evening, get involved in making your house. Clean up your living room. Carry out some household chores when you get home just to keep you busy and prevent you from thinking about the worries you had during the day.

Also, make sure to have some good time with friends and relatives as they also improve your feelings.

These tips are very important in defining your self-belief. They are proven to boost our self-confidence. But there are some things that you should never forget;

This is what you need…

  • Keep away negativity and embrace positivity in your life
  • Change your mind and body images; you are what you think
  • Do not be discouraged by failure; everybody fails, learn to form it and move on
  • Be prepared to tackle all challenges that come your way.
  • Remind yourself you are a victor but not a victim; so keep that beautiful smile

I wish you all the best as you work to improve your self-esteem and also your self-confidence.