Tips on how to be more confident in work

By | October 23, 2015

how to be more confident in workMost times we lose confidence even in places where we need it most. Our workplace! This makes our bosses lose trust in us. Some of them intimidate us making our self-esteem decline even further. I have noted that the confident people are the ones who are given the plum assignments. They easily get promoted; they get a better salary and in most cases they are highly recognized by the firm. But I have learnt this with time; these people who are often thought to be confident they may not be confident as they appear. They only do their things in a better way than we do. This is because they have learnt how to be confident at the workplace. The following are some useful tips that will assist you to gain confidence in your place of work.

  • Stop doubting

You won’t gain any confidence if you doubt yourself. Purge yourself out of doubt. It is the first phase of being confident. As an employee, you need to realize where your self-doubts come from. Learn the problems that might be dragging you down. Work on them to remove the doubt. With this, you will boost your confidence.

  • be more confident in work  Be good in what you do

Confidence at the workplace may be lost if you are not good at what you are expected to do. Make sure as you visit the workplace you can handle all the tasks that can be assigned to you. With this, it will be simple to boost your self-confidence.

  • Be inquisitive

When you get a job, you might not know everything. Even those experienced may lack some current information. Do not be shy or lose your confidence because of this. Ask questions. Learn from your colleagues. With this, you will be arming yourself with information that will make you confident in all that you do.

  • Accept corrections

Some of us lose confidence in the workplace when we make mistakes. You can never be perfect! You will make mistakes. When you make these mistakes allow colleagues to criticize you and also correct you. Do not feel intimidated. They also make mistakes. Your confidence should not be lost because of what you have done. Avoid repeating the mistakes but if it happens, do not be demoralized. Mistakes should never make you lose your confidence.

  • gain more confidenceBe ambitious

New opportunities always arise at your workplace. Be in the frontline to work on the projects. You might be scared, but this is a good risk. It will make you realize your high potential. When you handle a project and successfully manage, you will emerge a better employee. It is always better to work on new things other than sticking to what you already know. This is a proven way of boosting confidence in the workplace.

  • Ask for feedback

Asking for feedback from your bosses is one way of evaluating your performance. You do not have to wait for them to call a meeting. Be anxious about what they think about your work. If they tell you that it’s not good; work on it. If they give positive feedback, you will be encouraged. They might also give you recommendation on what they want. Knowing you are doing what they want will make you confident in what you do.

Boosting your confidence should be a daily routine. You might not acquire it instantly. The most encouraging thing is that it is possible to gain confidence at work. Know what makes you insecure; learn the tricks to feel more comfortable at work. Avoid issues that may bring your confidence down. Work on them. With these tactics, you will never lose confidence at work.

How are you confidence in work? Please share with us in the comments.

12 thoughts on “Tips on how to be more confident in work

  1. Asen

    Hello there,

    I agree with you – the self-esteem is very important when we are at work as it directly reflects how we pereform.
    Being confident however can be a tough challenge especially when we start a new job. I guess that it is normal to feel unsure at the beginning but that doesn’t have to intimidate us.
    Accepting corrections is a good advice as we ass stopping to doubt in ourselves.
    Thank you for the great tips you give for being the better us at work.

    1. Johann H Ragnarsson Post author

      Hi, Asen and thank you for the comment and good words.

      Yes, you are right. Self-esteem used by right way are very important and can be train. Will help persons a lot.

  2. Joana

    Great Topic! And so needed these days, as a lot of people need to improve their confidence! I think a lot of people do not realise how good they are. They get distracted by comparing themselves to others, and by criticism. Criticism is good if you do know how to take it. But too many times we take it too personally. So I do think that following your steps and maintaing laser focus on your goals is the key thing in staying confident at the workplace.

    1. Johann H Ragnarsson Post author

      Thank you very much, Joana.
      I absolute agree with you. One of the best method in sport Psychology (which you can use in the life itself) this days are not put the goal on this place or this in the tournament (comparing to others in the life), but too think about the performance goals. For example if you take basketball, focus on let no less than 85% of all passes in next 5 matches success. = Set up goals which are only, and i mean only, focused on what you can do. Have the goals realistic but not too easy to get. Doing that and focus on your goals, your confidence be stronger.
      Like good men said; never undervalue yourself!

  3. Norman

    like your website if there is one thing that I believe that a lot of person needs is self confident I myself at one time need to believe more in my self because a lack of self confident can really hold a person back. This website will be a motivation to many that come to this site. Good job.

    1. Johann H Ragnarsson Post author

      Thank you very much for kind words, Norman.

      Yes, self-confidence are one of the most important thing people need to have. And it´s need training like most other things. But sometimes people forget it and then it is good to have remember somewhere!

  4. Ryan

    The first 4 lines made me remember an ex colleague of mine who used to be intimidated all the time. His work load was ridiculous and he was always shouted out to do menial tasks.

    I remember when I first started work that my confidence was quite low and I had to build it up. Reading this post would have helped quite a lot, looking back!

    1. Johann H Ragnarsson Post author

      Thank you for nice words and sharing your experience.

  5. chrisJ

    confidence is everything. somebody told me that growing up. I think things that have helped me with my confidence is believing in myself and stop believeing in what others said or thought about me. Just be you and believe in what you think about the world and your self esteem would grow. Thanks for the post, love the site.

    1. Johann H Ragnarsson Post author

      Thank you ChrisJ for the comment and nice words!

      Yes, you always need to believe in you, no matter what. Listen and take ideas/advice from here and here and through away what you don´t believe in. But always stand with yourself!

  6. john waldie

    Hey there! This is John from nutritional needs for kids and please let me tell you you have a beautiful sight there. It is very motivational and easy to navigate I’m going to come back to reading later. I have always been a self confident person but I can see your site lifting a lot of people up that may not have happened have they not come acrossed your site. Keep up the awesome work

    1. Johann H Ragnarsson Post author

      Thank you, John, for kind words. Yes, this website will focus on how it can be as much help for people as possible to build up their self-confidence.


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