Stay strong quotes to boost self esteem and self development

By | October 7, 2015

Many times we are held up from achieving our goals by fear of failing. We lack the self-confidence to pursue our dreams. We meet ourselves in stagnant position despite our high ambitions. How can we overcome our fears? How do we build self-esteem? How do we engage in self-development? These questions are important to ask for all those who want a better tomorrow. To achieve our dreams, we must stop being doubtful. We have to fuel the energy inside us to walk through what we think we cannot. This may not be easy. But let us look at some inspirations that can help us stay strong on our goals.
strong quotesSir Winston Churchill stated that we should never give up on things that we can’t go a day without thinking about it. I would like to link this to our dreams. If we want something, we should be thinking about it daily. Our ability to acquire it will depend on the focus we have. The process of self-development should be aimed at helping us achieve our goals. What we believe in, what we think about every day, what we do not want to lose, should be our dreams. And as the strong quote states we should never give up on these things we desire most.
Confucius said that it does not matter how slowly we move as long as we do not stop. This is a strong quote that gives me a lot of confidence in all that I undertake. Are you suffering from low self-esteem? Do you think that you are not good enough in your dream? Your dreams are valid provided you are on the course. Listen to Confucius. Boost your self-confidence. Keep walking! It may be slow, but you will attain your desires.
Thomas Edison a well-known American inventor and a business person failed a lot of time in his work. When asked by his colleagues his response was that he has not failed even a single time, he believed he has found 10,000 methods that won’t work. This means he had done a lot of work with no success. He remained strong. He had the urge to continue to make an invention. In our dreams, we lose focus when we fail. But this should not happen. Let’s learn from Thomas Edison. In self-development things might be very hard. The reason to continue pursuing our dreams is because they are what we want. Failure should not separate us. Let’s learn new methods each day and keep pursuing our dreams.
Be stronger self-developmentAlbert Einstein, A great scientist, said he was thankful to those who said no to him, they made him do it himself. When I think about this, I realize how hard it is when we ask people to support us but they ignore us. Some may be your best friends or even close relatives. They may make us think that we are a failure when we lose their support. Suppose we ignore them. We believe in ourselves. We work towards achieving even without support. I believe we will be proud like Albert Einstein when we appreciate the far we have come. We will smile that we have done it ourselves. This is the reason we should have a high self-esteem. No one should be the reason for our failures. We should totally be responsible for our dreams.
Lionel Willard teaches us about worrying. He states that worrying is a waste of time. It has not been shown to change anything. It only steals our joy, keeping us doing nothing totally. This is an important concept in self-development. It trains us of not fearing what will happen next. The concept encourages us to take one day at a time without fearing about tomorrow. When things don’t work as expected. Stand up and boost your self-confidence. Let your self-esteem rise higher. Keep your heart away from worries. This may not change the situation. But it will give you a reason to wake up the next day and move on with your dream. With no worries, you will not be motivated. This mentality will soon guide you to your dream.
These strong quotes are important in ensuring we boost our self-esteem. They are also vital in self-development. Anyone using the strong quotes will soon be able to keep off negativity and maintain a positive life. Surrounding ourselves with the right people and learning from these wise words derived from those who have done it before, is a sure way of ensuring we remain focused to our goal. Let us choose to boost our self-esteem and to undergo self-development. With these, our dreams will be valid.
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2 thoughts on “Stay strong quotes to boost self esteem and self development

  1. Cat

    Hey Johann, thanks for sharing!, I absolutely love quotes, the ones you have added are great!

    I love the one by confucius ” it does not matter how slow we are going so long as we do not stop” – I have many dreams that I feel I am progressing so slowly towards but the most important thing is that I am always taking a step forward and I know I will never give up so inevitably I should achieve success.

    I also agree with the quote by Albert Einstein, this year I went travelling to Asia by myself and although it was scary doing it on my own, I believe a grew so much more by going at it alone. Thank you 🙂

    1. Johann H Ragnarsson Post author

      Hi, Cat.

      Thank you for your kind words! It is true, newer stop. You get closer with each step you take, and sometimes you need a rest and then start again. Remember that the road to China starts with one step.


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