Stay strong quotes for our stressed friends

By | January 9, 2016

stay strong quotesAn interesting Arab proverb states “Smooth waters do not make skilled sailors, it is the waves that sharpen their skills.” I love the proverb. Because it reminds me, that storms are good. They will always come to our lives and those of our friends. We should use them to sharpen our skills. They should leave us strong and ready to face the next storm. Here is a guide to help a stressed friend. Use stay strong quotes to help them to decrease the stress. All those people in the storms; they must stay strong. Their skills are

being sharpened. They will be better. They should stop complaining. This is the advice you should give them.

Napoleon Hill once wrote, “You will not find the strongest oak in the middle of the forest where it is protected from the storm and the sun. The strongest oak stands in the open exposed to the wind, the storm and the hot sun. Everyday it is compelled to struggle and ensure it exists otherwise it would succumb to the winds, the rain and the scorching sun. What is thought as the challenges off the oak tree makes it the strongest tree in the forest? The weak oaks will be in the middle of the forest where they are shielded from all the adversities.

This is what to tell your stressed friend. Like the oak tree, if we do not face any challenges in our lives we might never be strong. There will be no reason to grow; we will remain in our comfort zone. A smooth life is like smooth waters in the sea. Without the storms, we will never sharpen our sailing skills. We will be amateurs who cannot survive the strong waves. We should, therefore, sharpen our skills by facing the storms in our lives. We must face every challenge with the right attitude.

help stressed friendRemind your friend that life is not meant to be easy. It must be full of struggles. LL Cool once said “When adversity strikes in this life, this is the time to be very calm. Take a step back, appreciate being grounded, stay strong and keep moving.” He reminds us to stay strong at all times. It is not about the struggles that we face; it is what we learn from each stressing moment of our life.

Taylor Swift a popular motivational speaker when addressing young women made it clear on being strong. She stated that “You have to be a strong woman that everyone knows that she will make it in every storm. Be fearless and always dare to do great things. You should never back down.” This message was so strong that it changed the lives of many women who attended her session. It is our duty to tell our stressed friends that they should never back down because they feel they are not strong. Let’s remind them that life will knock them down severally. They will experience things they never wanted. There will be failures, stress and sadness. Getting back up again is the only correct option. It helps them keep moving. The problems will shape them and give them the skills they need to cope in every life event. It is after these storms that they will experience true success.

Here is the secret to sharing to that stressed friend. “Strength does not come from winning. It is the struggles that help you develop true strength. Do not surrender in every hardship; you are gaining strength to make your life better. Do not ask for an easy life, you won’t get it; ask that you will be strong to handle each challenge that is coming your way. “Permanence, persistence and perseverance despite the discouragements and impossibilities, is what distinguishes the strong people from the weak. Let your stressed friend understand that problems are only passing. They will leave him with enough strengths and skills to become better. If he stays strong, he can be assured of success.

How do you help friend in problem? Have you tried to use stay strong quotes to help them to decrease the stress?  Share it with us in the comments.

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