Solving self-esteem issues with positive affirmations

By | April 20, 2016

Self-esteem issues are common nowadays due to the many standards set by other people. One good example of a group that lacks self-esteem are women who are a bit curvy or full figured. The media has set the standard for a beautiful woman to be thin light-skinned with long hair. Positive Affirmations are one way to help restore self-esteem. They might be obvious truths, but when you lack self– esteem they do not sound so real. Positive affirmations are the solutions for all kinds of self-esteem issues.


Positive affirmations to restore self-esteem

  • I am an individual, free to choose and decide what I want.

Self- esteem issues build up due to fear of what other people think. Understand that you are a unique individual. What you prefer is different from what others like. It does not mean you are wrong, and that is why you have the liberty to choose.

  • I value and love myself just the way I am

If you believe in a higher purpose then you know there is a reason we are all the way we are. Genetically everyone is different based on their DNA. You cannot be like another person despite how much you hate yourself. Accepting and valuing yourself is the most important thing to do. The differences in the world are what creates diversity. Always make the positive affirmation as you go about your day.

  • I take others as they are in turn they take me as I am

self-esteem with positive affirmationsIt is surprising to know people judge who you are and what you stand for from how you treat others. If you learn not to judge others for their shortcomings, people will accept you too with your misgivings. The reason you are probably having esteem issues is because you think people do not like you. That may not be the case they may just be afraid of your judgments.

  • What others say does not affect me as long as I believe in myself.

It has always been pointed out you cannot please everyone. This statement is dead on true. Some people like cinnamon others like ginger but they are all spices. In the same way, not everyone will agree with you. The reasons will vary from having a different opinion to simply not liking you. It may seem like a don’t care attitude but it is not. Disagree with others peacefully and make peace with the fact that nay Sayers will be there.

  • I am solution oriented, and I look for ways to solve my problems.

Some of the self- esteem issues people experience in the work setting are from the inability to contribute to the job. The fact that you were hired in that place proves you are capable of doing the expected. You need to affirm positively to yourself the much you can do. Instead of shying away in your cubicle talk to your colleagues and ask for insights in problems you experience. Your desire to give a solution will not you allow sinking into a pity party.

  • I do not criticize myself. Instead, I cheer myself on

No one will ever have your back more than yourself. It is the reason you cannot afford to have that negative voice in you. Only you understand your convictions which mean you the only one who can support yourself fully. It comes after making peace with the idea that not everyone will support you.

  • Self-confidence is important for how I view life.

Protecting your confidence guards your self-esteem. If there are things you don’t like about yourself and you can change, make changes. You are not doing it for others you are doing to attain your comfort. Identifying your points of strengths is good for your self-esteem. In case team-work is needed, do not shy away. Make use of your strong points. The beauty about strengths they overshadow weaknesses.


Self-esteem is not something to be solved in a day. Not for everyone. It is a process to work on. Always ensure you have the positive affirmations relevant in your life. The affirmations should be in present statements. They should focus on what is positive. Address yourself by name when using positive affirmations. They should feel specially designed for you. Make the affirmations in the morning when you wake up and when you go to bed. Your mind is very alert in the morning and ready to store in your subconscious new information. At night, you need to sleep in peace.

Kindly leave a comment below as a promise to use positive affirmations in your life. I wish you all the best as you work to strengthen your self-esteem.

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16 thoughts on “Solving self-esteem issues with positive affirmations

  1. Roy

    I enjoyed your article on using affirmations to improve your self-esteem. I would imagine self-talk would be the same as using affirmations but that affirmations would be more of a phrase that you could repeat over and over where self-talk is more of a longer conversation with yourself ? What I like about the affirmation technique is that you can use them in every area of your life.

    1. Johann H Ragnarsson Post author

      Thank you Roy.

      Yes, thinking are important, self talk or affirmation. But it´s important to keep it positive and focused. Using positive affirmations can help to focus on right things, right control.

  2. Rob S.

    There’s nothing worse than negativity and low self esteem. There are many ways to turn this around and become positive.
    For me, I always tell myself that I can do it because if I believe I can’t do it, then I won’t.
    I rely on myself to get things done in a positive way. Having positive affirmations each day is what drives me to stay positive and motivated.

    1. Johann H Ragnarsson Post author

      Thank you, Rob.

      Absolute agree! You are on the right road!

  3. jeffrey16201

    Thank you for the motivation article, positive affirmations do motivate us and improve our mood reading them every chance we get.

    This is a good way to start your day and end your day every day, I enjoyed your website and I will be back again real soon.

    I did share your article with my friends on my social media today

    1. Johann H Ragnarsson Post author

      Thank you, Jeffrey, for good words and sharing.Good luck in everything!

  4. Hailey

    I love affirmations and I truly believe that they have the power to change our lives. If you continue to speak in a certain way, you are soon going to think in that way, and when you think in that way you will become that way. I use affirmations before bed to reprogram my mind to thinking the thoughts I want to believe. Ever since I have been practicing this, I find that my dreams are more pleasant and I wake much happier.

    1. Johann H Ragnarsson Post author

      You are absolute right, Hailey. And on right direction. Keep doing it because it is so important to build it up more and more, like a training.

      Thank you for your comment and good luck.

  5. Norman

    This a is wonderful article that you have written and I believe what more people need is to read articles such as yours. Many people are walking around with low self esteem, and they are trying to be something that they are not when they can just love who they are and feel good about themselves. The world in which we live has a lot to do with this, our best bet to rise above this is to love who we are and not what the world says. Thanks for sharing I am sure that your readers will love this type of information. All the best to you.

    1. Johann H Ragnarsson Post author

      Thank you, Norman.

      You are right that many people had low self esteem and it´s important for them to work in it. It is not easy to build it up, and some need to get help about it. But it is so important. There is a new movie about the famous football player, Pele from Brazilian. In my opinion the best player ever but at least it is sure that he is one of the best in the history. This film is a true story of him. In it, his father say to him more or less literally: “You need to have the courage to be yourself”

      This is very strong and correct. Stop thinking about what other thinks, they are thinking about their selfes but not you.

  6. Neil

    I think with so many negative minds about AND especially the media/social media too, it’s difficult to maintain a positive mindset!

    I do agree with you that standards have been set in stone these days when it comes to the media which does have a huge impact on peoples self-esteem whether male or female. Personally, I have a little extra baggage which makes me feel uncomfortable when I see men with 6-packs.

    Thanks ever so much for your insights into self-esteem issues because it will certainly help me to live my life a little better. 🙂


    1. Johann H Ragnarsson Post author

      Thank you Neil for this and the interesting point you made here.

      It´s true that it´s easy to think more and more negative on this times. Actually, it´s always more easy to think negative than positive. But! Train and focus on thinking positive will help you through daily life and get more success in the goal you have.

      Think about your strength and focus on it and build small and small on it.The 6-packs man have their problem too!

  7. Liz

    I am a fan of positive affirmations, but I feel they need to be used wisely. The problem is most of our programming has occurred from an early age in our life and unless we can unearth some subconscious beliefs, I feel positive affirmations may may not be that effective. However, they are better than nothing, and sometimes I think the best ones are subtle in nature. For example, rather than stating ‘I am amazing and talented’ etc it is more productive to say ‘I am enough’. The mind has an easier time believing that statement rather than fighting against it.

    1. Johann H Ragnarsson Post author

      Thank you for your value comment.
      It´s very important to use positive affirmations. But use it right like you say. have in mind this is things you need to do regularly to build up strong self-esteem. As playing sports in many years i have seen how crucial it can be but on same time, the key thing are doing it like you say, using the right words. If you say that I´m the best painter in the world but you are only start learning, it would not work. But you can see a picture for what your dreams are to get. And using positive affirmations on your way top be having so strong self-esteem that you have possibility to get it. Like, after 3 months I can do this or that.

  8. Mike


    I love your site and this post! Awesome positive information, I will definitely be sharing your posts!
    I also run a website based around positive information, I think this is a great niche and growing!
    I think people are becoming more open to new ideas and the benefits of positive thinking!

    Best of luck to you

    1. Johann H Ragnarsson Post author

      Thank you.

      Positive thinking is so important for everybody! Of course forget it for time to time, it´s happens for all people but the key thing is remember men self reguarly how important it is.
      Good luck with your website and thank you very much for sharing.


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