Motivation for Daily Living

By | September 24, 2015

Motivation for Daily LivingIn a new-age world of constant stress and exposure to negative happenings, the Importance of self-motivation seems the utmost need of the hour. The need for personal development and how to maximize your potential, set realistic goals, and motivate yourself for the better are essential. There are a few aspects that are inter-related, which you can work on as an individual. And I will try to set your sights on the many ways that you can develop or install daily motivational thoughts in your life.

The importance of daily motivational thoughts

The first thing to find out is the importance of daily motivational thoughts and what it exactly is. Simply put, Motivation is a driving force that enables you to achieve your aims and work after what you desire for in life. If the need is a change in your personality for the better, to make a resolution to change your habits for good. And be a responsible citizen who is part of the community and so forth – all would be easy to achieve if you are self-motivated.

While a high personal motivation is needed to achieve your target goals, never fall into the trap of taking short-cuts to doing so. Taking the long drawn, winding road may seem a daunting task when compared to the easier short and tempting route. But the sweeter victory is felt and experienced when you finally achieve your goal the right way, knowing that you have had to endure hardships and have had to cross some obstacles to accomplish eventually.

Motivation for daily living

Motivation for daily living is something you need develop in life, how you do it remains the big question. If you wish to achieve a goal that you have set for yourself, be it a short-term or long-term one, you can quickly find out if you are presently properly motivated, and to assist further, here are of course solutions and techniques. And I have stumbled upon eight of the best daily motivational thoughts that work, just as long as you are motivated enough to use them.

the importance of daily motivational thoughtsFirstly, focus on one goal at a time. Never target to attain too many as this could lead you to lose your focus. You should ensure that a short-term goal that you have set should help on your path to achieving your long-term ones. Among the best ways is to write down your goals in a diary and yes, I am talking about writing it down. It ensures that you have a visual representation of the things you want to achieve keeping you focused at all times.

Next is to rid yourself of all distractions that can prevent you from achieving your goal. Television, friends, aimlessly browsing through the Internet are just some factors that can distract you. If you wish to remain properly motivated, make sure to have a schedule for your pastimes. Next is to block all negative influences altogether. Have the faith and belief that you can achieve it. Address the root of any problem and think purely of positive thoughts to develop motivation in your daily life.


Motivation for Daily LivingTalking is a great way to motivate you. Tell someone what you are going to do, and you will then also drive yourself actually to take action and do it. If you have an uninspiring task to do, then try talking about the larger goals that tackling this task will assist you to achieve.

Picture the unpleasant stuff that will happen by not acting. Imagine all the bad things that will come about if you don’t do the task at hand.

Your mind

Stimulate your desire by seeing the result in your mind. Picture your potential future to help you to get going. If you are a smart salesperson, you can make your customer visualize his future with the product that you are selling. So be your own salesman and motivate yourself to make your dreams become a reality.

Make sure you are passionate about what you are doing. If you have no interest in your work, it will be very difficult to motivate yourself to do anything. Get past the unpleasant tasks by picturing the result of doing that particular job. Relate the task precisely to your final objective.

Take on one small bite-sized task at a time. Breaking your larger tasks down into smaller more manageable portions will make it easier for you to get something done.

How to develop motivationYou need enough energy to finish your work. Watch that you are getting a balanced diet and adequate rest. Watch your caffeine and sugar intake, as too much of these, can sap your energy levels. Find some energy boosters that work for you to give you sustained energy to get done with all the tasks at hand.

Next time you are feeling stressed and unmotivated, implement some of the above techniques. Now it is up to you to motivate yourself into using the advice above. Once all else fails, a decent laugh will work wonders to revitalize and energize you, as well as control those feelings of being overwhelmed and swamped.

You are in control

We are all blameworthy of putting our lives and objectives on hold when something less essential grabs our attention. Sometimes, we likewise do not have the vitality to do what we really should be doing, or put off beginning on a troublesome assignment. Indeed, even exceptionally energetic individuals have times when they just can’t get running with something.

In this way, we remind ourselves that we are in control of how we respond to any given set of inputs. And we can make these choices even more easily by deciding ahead of time what is important to us, and how we wish to BE. For example, rather than reacting every time someone says something that would normally trigger anger in us, let’s say we decided in a session of deep contemplation and goal-setting that we intend to persist calmness and practical in all circumstances. And to wait at least 60 seconds before speaking when provoked or annoyed. Would we not therefore stand a much higher chance of behaving in ways – making choices – that serve our higher goals and visions for ourselves? Would it also not stand to reason that the outcome of such situations could be drastically different – and more positive – than when we are living in reaction mode?

Our motivation comes from within and is fired by the exciting knowledge that we can control our destiny…the unexpected will come our way. But when we control our reactions based on pre-determined goals and decisions, our lives open up to unlimited possibilities and are no longer at the whim of external forces.

In conclusion, it’s human nature to have days where you aren’t very motivated. However, if you continue to surround yourself with positive and motivational thoughts, those days will be few and far between.

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12 thoughts on “Motivation for Daily Living

  1. lilywong

    Great article and it’s also very motivating to know there are ways we can make better choices on where to put our attention everyday. I like mindfulness meditation but it’s actually harder than it looks because a lot of thoughts always get in the way. Any tips on how to remedy this? Thank you for sharing the article!

    1. Johann H Ragnarsson Post author

      Thank you lilwong. Yes, i understand your idea very well, about it can be hard to focus. But try this when you are in mindfulness meditation. Allow this thoughts to come and go to, try to focus just on your breathing. It´s nothing wrong if thought come on same time, just focus on breath in, breath out.

  2. Andi

    Some days for me it is a real task to become motivated. It is usually in combination of not feeling that well. This is when I search for articles such as yours to read that are going to give me that boost I need. At the moment I am trying to work up to gaining the confidence to go out of the house. So this sort of article is good for my psyche. It moves my mind to be set to a more “normal” way of thinking. I feel soon that I will be able to go out for a short walk and this will boost my confidence to carry on a do a little day by day. Your articles are helping to motivate me, so thank you.

    1. Johann H Ragnarsson Post author

      Thank you Andi for this positive comment.
      To find and work with your goals it can be good too to think a little bit outside yourself. What I mean is, what goals have much positive feeling for you. Made you feel in your body your motivation to just think about it. When you have find that, it´s much easier to find the daily step to it.
      All the best,


  3. Anna

    I enjoyed reading your article on motivation. It is something that I am passionate about as well, and all of the advice you provide is extremely helpful!

    So often people try to tackle too many things at once which sets them up for failure because it was unmanageable to begin with. So breaking things down into short-term goals is really important.

    I totally agree about writing things down – this is a very powerful technique that many people don’t use, but it goes a long way in keeping yourself focused and motivated not to lose sight of your dreams and goals.

    Great post – thanks for sharing!

    1. Johann H Ragnarsson Post author

      Thank you Anna.

      Wise advise: “The elevator to success is out of order. You’ll have to use the stairs…one step at a time.”

      ~Joe Girard

  4. darren

    This s a great site. I have a site similar to this one. we touch on some different aspects of the same concept. I would love it if you got in contact with me via my email. I think your site is great and wouldn’t mind sharing links. Let me know. thanks

    1. Johann H Ragnarsson Post author

      Thank you for your kind words. I be in contact. I always looking for good contect

  5. Funkydunc

    Hi Johan,
    Motivation is a goal for all of us. Self-motivation is far more powerful since it comes from within. Hence the need to have a vision of where you are going and how.
    I recently heard a presentation that discussed the GROW method of forward progress in life. GOALS, REALISTIC, OPTIONS, WAY FORWARD. It is used in many business training models.
    Just like your post, it shows the need to plan for future growth with realistic goals and developing simple strategies to achieve these goals.
    Great read this post. Thank you for putting it together.

    1. Johann H Ragnarsson Post author

      Thank you for your kind words!

      I agree, realistic positive plan are very important.

      Good luck,

  6. Shrey

    Nice post!
    I have always had the issue of being motivated and always wanted a way to be motivated in order to increase my efficiency.
    However, in your article I see that you have had a lot of ideas and ways in which I could be motivated on a daily basis and I guess that is very Important !
    Keep posting 🙂

    1. Johann H Ragnarsson Post author

      Thank you for nice comment.
      Yes, it´s a lot of possibilites to motiver yourself. Most important is to find the method which help each person most, just start with search and test.


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