How to improve self-motivation

By | February 5, 2016

How to improve self-motivation Self-motivation is the drive within you that pushes you to achieve your set goals. It makes you feel fulfilled and, therefore, improving the quality of our lives. It is easy to understand this concept; that self-motivation is the key for anyone who is interested in self-development. But the truth is; staying motivated is a struggle to all of us. Every time we try to achieve a continuous motivated state, we are faced with negative thoughts as well as anxiety about tomorrow. This can kill our dreams. The highly successful people have one special characteristic; they have the ability to continue pressing on even in the most difficult moments. Even though there is no simple solution to diminished self-motivation, the following are key tips that can guide you in the best ways on how to improve self-motivation.

Demonstrate initiative

For you to be fully motivated, you must have the drive within yourself. I call it personal initiative. You initiate the self-motivation drive by choosing to remain focused in your dreams. Remember why you are working. Why do you wake up early each day? Do you need to motivate yourself to do your task better in future? Are you willing to create ways to motivate yourself? Its time to start it right away. Self-motivation starts by agreeing within yourself that you will remain motivated no matter what happens.


Come up with a plan how to improve self-motivation

You can only improve self-motivation if you know what you want in life. You, therefore, need a plan on what you want. This plan should consist of listed goals that you want to achieve. The plan should also contain strategies and chronological steps that will take you to your dream. Each day that you feel demotivated to move forward, look at the big picture developed when creating your life plan. Am sure you don’t want to miss the benefits to be attained in your life goals. Planning helps you achieve all you want in life. You cannot, therefore, miss a plan. You must press on. Having a good plan will help you remain motivated.


Improve your Self-motivitionHave life priorities

Priorities are things that we cannot ignore. They are our very best goals or dreams that we must attain. Listing prioritizes keeps us in the path of our dream protecting us from staggering to what we don’t want. Every successful person has a way of prioritizing his very important goals. These priorities should be pursued with drive, energy and enthusiasm. If you have specific things that you know you must achieve them they will keep you motivated to work extra hard. You should take personal responsibility when you feel you are not following your life priorities. Change and go back to the course of your dreams. Remember that if you do not define to the road to your dream, any road may take you there.


Be in motivation atmosphere

Who do associate yourself with? Are you the kind of the person who spends time with friends that are pessimists and failures? Or do you spend time with people who can share an inspiration word in the time that you feel your world is about to collapse? If you want to improve your self-motivation, you must be in an inspiration atmosphere. Go to a religious center, visit that friend and learn how he overcomes his difficult times, read a book that will reenergize you to keep moving, read blogs and contents that will keep you encouraged. This is the greatest secret that will help you be motivated.

Assess yourself regularly

To remain on track about how to improve self-motivation, you must have road block where you sit and evaluate your journey. It’s on these points that you cross check if you are working as planned. These self-evaluation points help you to know if you are losing motivation, and this helps you get back to the track. If you are doing quite well, reward yourself.

3 pillars

The three pillars towards improving self-motivation can be classified as autonomy, mastery and purpose. Every day create engagements that will create inner drive. Autonomy is basically the power of self-determination. You can simply do this by being positive and believing in your goals. If you want to rise higher, master your daily tasks. Improving our capabilities improves our inner drive and helps us to do things better and, therefore, remain motivated. The final pillar to elevate our self-motivation is to have a purpose for every activity that you get involved. Purpose means benefits and this is the drive of the deepest motivation. Purpose changes our mind and makes it to think in a logical way that drives us to our dreams. The three pillars summarize the simplest ways on how to improve self-motivation.

Which method do you use to improve your self-motivation? Please share with us in the comments.

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