How to draw cartoon faces step by step

By | February 23, 2016

How to draw cartoon faces step by step and how can it connect self-confidence? Well, there it´s a connect, and an important one. How many times have you said to yourself; I can´t do it! Because you are human, I´m sure you have done it many times, maybe not in drawing cartoon but in other things! The point is that you can more than you think you can! You need to believe in yourself! In this article is a small profile that you can more than you think and I use draw cartoon as an example.

If you start thinking, about the thing I want to manage to do or need to do, that you can´t you not manage to do it. But if you give it a try and think how you can do it, knowing that you can do most or all you like to do, you will most of time manage to do it. You need to go to this things with an open mind and believe in you and then you think about it with solving the case attitude.

The method about solving how to draw cartoon faces step by step

how to draw cartoon faces step by stepDecide to think of solutions.  Meaning, the situation is this, what can I do to let things will be like I want to do. For example, soccer can´t change a bad referee but instead he can focus on changing how he play the game.

Simular. Instead of thinking; I can´t draw a cartoon. Think how can I draw a cartoon. The point is, think positive. Then you are on more focus to solve things; you can think outside the box if needed, you get small and small a winners attitude!

Have that in mind when you look at the video of how to draw cartoon faces step by step.  And draw a cartoon afterwards just to remember yourself that you can do everything!

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4 thoughts on “How to draw cartoon faces step by step

  1. Blame

    I love how simple the video shows in making cartoon faces. Since I was little I have always wanted to learn how to be a cartoon artist. These simple designs is a great way to start. Nothing is impossible as long you believe in it strong enough. My daughter is born recently. Now I have something I can proudly show her. Thank you very much for the great information

    1. Johann H Ragnarsson Post author

      Thank you, Blame.
      Like you said, nothing it´s impossible. But sometimes you need to find a solutution and in my mind this video are great example of that you can most of the times find a solutution, just need to find it.

  2. Ben


    This is so cool, when I was younger my older brother was really really good at drawing cartoons but I could never quite get the hang of it.

    With these tips I’m sure to give him a run for his money (that’s if he still draws). Drawing is also quite therapeutic so I might just practice while I’m watching TV etc.

    1. Johann H Ragnarsson Post author

      Thank you for your comment.
      Yes, this is cool way to draw. But on same time it´s show very clearly that if you think outsite the box for solutions, it´s increa


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