How to deal with inferiority

By | November 29, 2015

how to deal with inferiorityMy friend and I went to a party. We were among the first guests to arrive. The music was so loud and lifting. We immediately switched to dancing. My friend was the loudest in the dancehall. She seemed to enjoy every moment. Guests continued to flow. They came to the dancehall and started dancing. My friend immediately sat down and remained quiet. At first I thought she was tired. But the look at her face showed some grieve. When I approached her to come back to the stage, she refused. “I can’t dance like them.” This is what she said. From that point, she was sad. She was not able to continue with the party. She had to leave.

My friend was suffering from inferiority complex. It is a common problem for most of us. At some point in our lives, we tend to think we are not good enough. We might feel that we are not pretty, smart, learned, or we can’t dance as good as our peers. Psychiatrists define inferiority as an inadequacy feeling steaming from real or imaginary sources. If this psychological comparison is too harsh, it can lead to a debilitating life. This is because the inferiority emotions compel victims to overcompensate by overworking themselves. This can result in either a heightened success or a stage of discouragement. If discouragement manifests, you will fail in your life. There are simple steps that you can take to deal with inferiority.

  1. Learn the cause of your inferiority

Understanding the root of the inferior feeling is the first step to finding a solution. Is it a childhood experience? Negativity from friends? A traumatic event? Whatever is making you feel inferior write it down today. Once you realize the cause, try to come up with measures to rise beyond the experiences. For example, you can talk to a counselor for advice on ways to forget a traumatic event.

  1. how to dealWhat makes you inferior?

It is good to determine if you feel inferior to a person or in some circumstances. Note the reasons for the inferiority. For example, I feel inferior to successful people! After you realize the circumstances, try to work your way to make yourself better. Remember you can never be perfect and there is no given time you will be equal to another person. Appreciate your efforts. Stop comparing yourself with others. This will help you stop feeling inferior.

  1. Create a positive a self-image

Self-image is the way you visualize yourself in your mind. If you feel inferior, your self-image may be affected. If you are suffering from inferiority, start your healing by fixing your mental self-image. You can do this by visualizing yourself as the best you can be. Give your mind a mental picture of a marvelous person. Avoid complaining about yourself, focus on a better you.

  1. how to improve a low self-esteemAvoid negative self-talk

“I cannot dance like them” “I am not pretty” These are some of the negative remarks that run through the minds of those suffering from inferiority. You have to stop these kinds of thoughts to fix your problem. Learn to appreciate the person you are. You should never say anything negative to yourself. Replace the thought with “ Today I did my best in that dancehall” “I look wow” these positive thoughts will improve your self-worth.

  1. Remove labels

Sometimes our inferiority may result from what people say about us. Sometimes people whisper bad things about us. Some call us stupid, fool or any other word. Should we feed our mind with these labels? Remember if you believe it you attract it. If you want to feel better about yourself; scrap all labels that the world has fixed you. Learn to avoid the world negativity. It is their opinion, but that does not mean you are exactly what they think. Move on to become a better person.

Inferiority is a great problem that will lower your self-esteem. You must take care of it to live a fulfilling life. It is good to admit that we are inferior to some people. But remember there are those who take us as superior. The problem is not in other people it is in you. It can be solved through positive thinking. Stop comparing yourself with others. If a past event led to inferiority, find ways to forget the awful experience. Create a self-image that you are the best you can be. Boost your self-confidence. Do not let anything initiate the inferior feeling. These are the simple and surest ways of dealing with inferiority.
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