How to deal with conflict at work; 6 best ways

By | December 5, 2015

how to deal with conflict at workIn the midst of people, there is a likelihood of a conflict. Conflict in the workplace is unavoidable. You will not get a chance of escaping it. If you are a leader in your workplace, you will be responsible for solving these conflicts. You have to ensure you solve it in a healthy and productive way. Be ready to recognize the conflict, understand it, and bring a just resolution that will not hurt any of your staff. Conflict will never solve itself. If you do not deal with a conflict, however, small it may seem, it may grow to a trouble that might shake the whole organization.

What can create conflict at work?

Several factors can lead to conflict at work. They include opposing positions, ego, jealousy, a power struggle among others. These are negative factors that create emotions that will initiate the conflict. Here are some ways to help you deal with conflict at work.

  1. Be calm

If you want to have the advantage over the warring colleagues, remain calm and unruffled during the conflict. Being calm helps you look at the big picture on the reason for the conflict. Knowing the cause of the conflict is the first step in solving the dispute. Immediately you realize the cause of conflict, look for possible ways of solving it.

  1. Avoid anger

When people escalate their anger, they cause conflicts. Anger is, therefore, a cause of conflict. It also triggers conflict escalation. For example, in your workplace, a conflict might crop up. If you get angry with those involved, you might never learn the reason for the conflict. You will introduce a new conflict for not listening to them. It is possible to solve or avoid a conflict if we control our anger. Even if a colleague does not carry the same opinion as you, do not get angry. Listen to them and let them know your point without fighting with them.

  1. How to dealBe positive

During a conflict, you have to think positively, if you want to solve it. Do not just think on your side of the argument, but also on what other parties in the conflict are fighting for. Does my colleague have a point in his argument? What is his point? These are some of the questions that should run on your mind. With this positivity, you can get to the root of the problem. It will also guide you in the best way to come up with a solution.

  1. Communication

Conflicts normally result due to poor communication. Some people fight because they have poor information, or they have no information concerning a problem. To solve conflicts at work, ensure all members of staff have clear, accurate and concise information. You should also make it timely to avoid the emergence of conflicts. Proper communication will give all the staff what they may want to know. This will solve conflicts.

  1. Acceptable behavior

It is possible to have individuals who cause conflict in the workplace now and then. They might be having unacceptable behaviors or intruding personal affairs. Create a framework for acceptable behavior in the workplace. Let people know things that they can do and those that they shouldn’t do at the workplace. Giving these guidelines is the best way of solving and avoiding conflicts.

  1. Conflict at workplaceUse conflict as opportunity

Disagreements are as a result of varied opinions among individual. They may result in conflicts. Anytime there is a conflict in your workplace; you can use it as a learning opportunity for you and your colleagues. Think about the reasons for the disagreement; use that to initiate team building in your workplace. Let the staff learn to respect other people feelings and opinions. With this, you will not only be solving the conflict but you will be creating a cohesive relationship between the staff.

Conflicts will occur now and then, but it is our attitude to solve them that matters. We have to learn that we need each other at our job places. We will meet colleagues with differing opinions. We should always respect their opinions. It is our duty to know how to approach a conflict to ensure we solve it and use it to train the staff in avoiding future conflicts. Everyone should be taught to be ready for a correction. With this mentality, we will be able to deal with conflict at work.

What is your experience about conflict in workplace? Please share with us in the comments.

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