How to change a bad habit?

By | February 9, 2016

Many people think about how to change a bad habit. And it´s important to find a way to manage to do it, step by step. It is a lot of bad habits which come up in the mind, stop emotional eating, stop smoking are just 2 example of it. The relationship between mindfulness and addiction is an important factor to help us on the way.

How to change a bad habit? What do you need to do?

It takes to change bad habits and on same that as we know it´s difficult, but on same time very important. For example smoking and emotional eating can make huge problems as we know. We need to control the mind and focus in right directions. It´s way to say it, but we need to focus and stay very positive that can and want to do it. And take action to change this bad habits in a very good one.

You can change a bad habits!

How to change a bad habit?Without try and starts things to change the habits you want to change, nothing happens. But you can do it! Keep focus all the time and remember, if you fall, you just raise up and starts again! The strong is not the person which newer fall but the person who fall but always starts again, newer given up!

Psychiatrist Judson Brewer has studied this part a lot. And he is for sure a thought leader in a self-mastery method to help us to leave bad habits behind us. His ideas look good, and it´s very good to test it and see if it works for you. Sometimes is plan A better for person A but plan B better for person B. But you need to test if it´s work for you and, again, you need to start!

Judson had a very interesting TED talk about this issue, and you can see it here below.
Have you some bad habits? Have you tried to change it? Did you success and which methods did you use? Please share it with us.

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