How to believe in yourself when you don’t!

By | January 12, 2016

how to believe in yourself when you don'tOne of the most important things in life to know how to believe in yourself when you don’t. Have you been having an idea, a dream or desire that you are too much afraid of starting because you do not think you can accomplish it? This is called self-doubt. It occurs when we doubt ourselves and our abilities. Having self-doubt is not a foreign thing; it is something that we all experience at some point of our lives. Allowing self-doubt to control our lives make our dreams stagnate in a single position. We remain stuck in a comfort zone. When we do not believe in ourselves, we lose our important live goals. It cost us our greatest achievements that we could have achieved in life. Whether you are facing the most difficult moments of your lives, you have to ensure you remain focused in your goals. You must avoid doubting yourself. In this piece, I will teach simple ways on how to believe yourself when you don’t.

I had a friend who lost his wife after just five years of marriage. They only had a single child who was only two years old. This loss frustrated him so much that he turned to excessive drinking. After six months his boss could no longer keep him. He was becoming unproductive at work. You can guess what happened; he lost his job. Where will he get money for upkeep? Remember he had a child to take care of. He also had a habit of daily drinking to maintain. Yet his job was no more. Today he is totally miserable. He couldn’t believe that he could tackle the challenges in his life.

How to believeThis is how hard life pushes us. Harsh circumstances come along our paths. Here is when excitement is replaced with a feeling like we cannot do it anymore. It is during these dark days that we begin to question our abilities and purpose in this life. We lack the meaning to continue pursuing our dreams. Anyone in such circumstances will no longer have the self-confidence to continue pursuing his life goals. These disappointments turn us to the thought that we are not good enough. But it may not be the truth. We only face the mountains that we can handle. The end of one road is the beginning of another better path. Our disappointments should not stop us from reaching our dreams. They shouldn’t be the source of self-doubt. Whatever you face; remember you have to have ways to believe in yourself even when you don’t.

Self-doubt will always find its way to us. This is the reason you need to know the best ways of believing in yourself in all circumstances. The thought that am not good enough’ is always at the back of our mind attacking our subconscious. You have to suppress it by all means when it attacks. Here are some of the things to do anytime you feel like you are about to doubt yourself.

Have a plan

A long journey begins with only a single step. The same applies to building the trust in ourselves. If you have doubted yourself in years, you won’t wake up today and get a total belief. Plan today that you will carry out your task without doubting yourself. List the task you want to undertake. Create SMART strategies of attaining them. Acknowledge that there will be problems on the way but you will be ready to press on. Form this mentality; that you will make it no matter what comes your way.

Start now

Nothing is easy before it’s through. Any great achiever can confirm that they never thought they could do it until they started it. Those things that you keep telling yourself that you will do them but you postpone them because you doubt your ability it is the time you start them. When you initiate the process and be ready to work till you achieve them, you will realize how simple they will be. The fear of starting is what makes them a big mountain to you. Just prepare well and start immediately.

Love yourself

how to believe in yourselfIf you want to keep moving on without doubting yourself, start by loving yourself. A complete love for oneself means a good support system. It is all that you need to keep a fighting spirit. It will give you the inner strength and energy to tackle the tasks that you feel like you are not good enough. When you start loving yourself, you extend your limits. Your mind is set to move on to better things. No one achieves without having this love for oneself.

Avoid critics

There will be friends who will not be seeing anything good in us. They will be ready to criticize our every move. If you surround yourself with these kinds of people, do not expect that you will be any different. Every attempt towards your dream will be followed by self-doubt. You will not make it. The best way to believe in yourself is to avoid these critics that will be blocking our success paths. Let them go and let those people who encourage you to be your friends. They will help you at the moment you feel like you are about to doubt yourself.

Have a positive mindset

Most people who constantly doubt themselves is because thy have created that mentality in their mind. It is important to acknowledge our weakness as well as our strengths in all our undertaking, but they shouldn’t be dictating failure to us. If you always find yourself thinking about how weak you are, ask yourself this question. What is worth in my life? Is it what I can do or what I cannot? I bet the answer is what you can. Then shut down the focus on what you cannot. Focus on what you are capable of. This is the best way of creating a positive mentality. Immediately you tune your mind to positivity you can be assured that self-doubt will be a thing of the past.

Fear of failure

Every time we do not believe in ourselves, it’s because we have fear in us. We think that we are going to fail. But who said that failing is bad? Failure is one great source of learning. It helps us understand the course to success. It happens to all of us. The difference is the faith we have in ourselves even after failure. The successful people do not stop believing in themselves even after failing. They learn from the failure and press further till they achieve. It is, therefore, important that we learn this secret. We should believe in ourselves even after we encounter failure.

Self-doubt is an enemy to our dreams. Let’s try our best to recognize self-blaming thoughts and erase them as fast as we can. To be successful, we need a lot of courage, confidence, and an attitude that we can do it ourselves. We have to avoid locking ourselves in a cell of self doubt. It may be difficult when things are tough. But with willpower, we can erase the doubting thoughts. This is how to believe in yourself even when you don’t.

If you stop belive in yourself, what to you do? Please share with us your experience in the comments.
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