How to believe in yourself and stay strong during tough times

By | January 3, 2016

how to believe in yourselfSelf believe is a characteristic of every successful person. It is what makes a person to perfect his talents. Even the most intelligent person, the most beautiful model or the most innovative entrepreneur require believing in themselves to fully utilize their abilities. An interview with Oprah Winfrey on how she succeeded in her TV shows she made one point clear; she had to believe in herself. “If I rise to the studio with the feeling that I cannot make it surely I won’t be able to do it.” That was her response. It follows the simple rule of nature. If you think you can or you cannot you are correct. This does not mean that they do not have problems. It is because they know that in every obstacle, faith towards oneself abilities will lead you to success. Self-believe is the foundation of success. It gives us the ability to stay strong in all that we do. If you are facing challenges in your life, you have to keep believing in your self. Here are some tips on how to believe in yourself.

You did it, you can do it!

Think about you past. Do you have any accomplishments that you can be proud of? Is there something that you can feel good about? Write it down. If you have ever excelled in some point of your life, you can excel even at during these hard times. When you are thinking of your past accomplishments, do not just look on the big things. Think of even small tasks that made people smile. They should give you a go ahead that you are a winner. Why not believe it! You did it, you can do it. Just believe you can.

Surround yourself by people who care

In  difficult time, when we are out of our strength; this is the time we can know our true friends. These people will come to us and motivate us to continue pursuing our dreams. They will help us believe in ourselves and stay strong. If you have such people in your life, go to them when you are weak. Spend time with them. Let them motivate you. Their care will help you build self-belief.

stay strong

Be determined

It is obvious that when things do not work out as we had planned we will lose the believe in ourselves. We might feel vulnerable and also some self-doubt. This is the time you hear this constant voice “I don’t believe I can do it. I cannot make ideas work. I don’t believe in myself” Anyone of us would feel so after some situation. But lets take another look; a look of determination. Failure will never overtake you if you have a strong determination. What do you really want in your life? Are you determined enough to achieve it? If you are you cannot let go. You have to keep the faith. “I will believe it because I want it so bad” Make this your confession. Even when things are tough we must keep moving because we are fully determined to have success in our lives. This is mentality of believers, which is also the mentality of success.

Be thankful

In a thanksgiving ceremony in the United States, John F. Kennedy once said “As we express our thanksgiving, let not anyone forget this; we are not just uttering appreciation, we have to live by what we say.” He understood the power of living by what we believe. He recognized the importance of not only being thankful at all times but living a life of gratitude. This is one secret that we should apply in our lives. The secret of being grateful, even when things are tough. When we are not strong; it is time to look up and thank for the far we have come; then we translate that to the believe that we are going to do it better next time. Let’s fill our mind with gratitude even when things are tough. This will stimulate our positive emotions. We will be able to believe that we can do it next time.

how to believe in yourselfNothing works if you do not believe

Norman Peale after facing tough times in his life stated that “I have to believe in myself, I must have faith in my abilities. Without the self-confidence on my own powers, I will never succeed.” Look at it again- “Without self-belief and self-confidence in your powers you cannot succeed” Maybe this is what you have been lacking; believing in your powers. You have great powers within you; power that can only be manifested by tuning your mind to the right attitude. The power within you is beyond limits. It is power to help you do anything you want and be successful in this life. The only way to unleash this great potential is to believe in yourself. When you are not strong; wake up and start believing in your power. Do not waste any more time. Wake up and make your life better. Believe and use the power within you to be successful.

What about fear of believing?

It is obvious that when we are about to believe, fear will come to destroy our self-confidence. It will be there to tear away our dreams. But you shouldn’t let fear or insecurity stop you from attaining your dreams. You must choose to believe in yourself. Take on every challenge that comes your way. Dig deeper with every power within you to conquer fear. Let no one bring you down to kill your dreams. Choose to keep going till you achieve your life desires. Even when you have no strength, do not stop moving; craw if you cannot walk, you cannot stop where you are. Success is on your path, get it by not stopping. If you believe anything is possible.

Everyday we face different things. What is important is not what we face; but what we get after going through each challenge in our life. We must believe that there will be success tomorrow even if today there was none. When stress and challenges come your path; do not let anyone or circumstances discourage you. You are special and awesome; you have the abilities, you must believe in yourself. The secret to success and greatness is simple; believe in yourself, create self-confidence within you; create secure decisions and always be positive in life. This is the mentality of success. It is all you need to get to your destiny.

What is your experience how to believe in yourself and stay strong during tough times? Please share with us your experience in the comments.
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2 thoughts on “How to believe in yourself and stay strong during tough times

  1. Pat

    Hi Johann:

    Excellent post ! You are absolutely right, if we do not believe in ourselves, who else will believe in us? They will say to themselves, he doesn’t even believe he can do it, so why should I! This is very important first and foremost. And not giving up in the first sign of difficulty and we need to stay strong and determined. Also, important is our network and support, because we all cannot be strong 24/7, we need someone to be there to rally with us when we falter.

    1. Johann H Ragnarsson Post author

      Thank you, Pat.

      Self-belief and self-confidence work together in many way. The key thing is to keep going no matter what. It´s no easy sometimes, but you need it! And the network and supporters need to step in when things are not ok, and on the same time, you need to allow them to help.


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