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Am I ugly or pretty? A guide to appreciate who I am

Current research has shown that over 10,000 people in a month are searching the phrase “Am I Ugly.” This is a worrying trend that indicates a low self-esteem among our teenagers. What is making this trend worse is the eruption of social sites that allow critics to comment on the photos of some of these… Read More »

Am I ugly?

This question, am I ugly come from a lot of girls this day through the internet. The phrase; am I ugly,  in a month on Google, is at least 10.000 The pressure that are put them through all kind of image from their idols, models, actor and much more, showing a „perfect“ body in opinion… Read More »

Learn read body language

How can learn to read body language and send the signals with it? Because many people try to read body language signals from other persons if they want to get information.  The it´s important sometimes to send the signals you want to send but not the signals you don´t want to send. For example, sometimes… Read More »