Can Harness the Power in Positive Thinking Change your Life for the Better?

By | September 27, 2015

the power in positive thinkingIf there is anything that can hold you back from living the life you’ve always wanted, it is limiting beliefs.

Negative thoughts have no space, time or place in your life. No limiting beliefs can hold you back when you realize that you hold the golden key to fulfilling your dreams and aspirations.

But what if negativity has been your life’s story in the past? What can you do now that can effectively reinvent your life experience for the better? And more precisely, what is the power in positive thinking?

Understanding the Power in Positive Thinking

The human mind is an incredibly powerful force, but even it is under your conscious will’s mercy to decide whether you want it to work towards achieving your goals and aspirations or procrastinate in sheer self-pity. You are the decision maker. You run the show—consciously or unconsciously.

You may very well be aware of the negative thoughts operating in your life. You probably feel overwhelmed, clipped or having little control over your current life situation.

The truth about negative thoughts, however, is that those are false generalizations that have developed over time and conditioned the mind to act in a certain (mostly sabotaging) way.

understanding the power of positive thinkingYou feel and know for certain that you are unfulfilled in your current romantic relationship. But are unwilling to move on and unreasonably think that you may not be attractive, exciting or fashionable enough to woo a new suitor—whom you deserve.

You know you deserve a better career, better friends, better everything, but it is like a cloud hovers low in your path. And you can’t seem to take any action to go and get what you want. Negative thoughts disempower a lot of people’s will.

Past mistakes, embarrassing situations or failures are the building blocks for negative thoughts. Understanding that you did learn valuable lessons from these past disturbances, making you more ready to combat such a situation again in the future is what harnessing the power in positive thinking is all about.

You become well motivated to try again instead of hiding and avoiding the same situation. You gather courage, healthy confidence and the appreciation that you are only human.

Fortunately, you can harness the power in positive thinking by applying several techniques.

understanding the power of positive thinkingHow to Decondition Your Mind to Counter Limiting Beliefs –the Power in Positive Thinking 

What is your limiting belief?

Are you afraid to ask for help because people might think you are stupid? Or are afraid of starting a new business because you are worried it might fail and you may end up bankrupt? Could you be afraid to ask that special person out thinking maybe they are not that into you? But if you don’t ask, you may never know.

Becoming aware of your negative thoughts process can help you in negating it.

You can do this by swapping those limiting beliefs with positive affirmations, enabling your life experience to start taking direct orders from your conscious mind—that you want to achieve success in every area of your life. Harness the power in positive thinking by evaluating the positives for every negative that comes up.

If you are afraid of asking for assistance, for example, remind yourself that asking for a little help means you care about what you are doing. That you are a team player. That you are courageous enough not to behave like a know-it-all and end up failing anyway.

People who do not ask for help due to the reason above end up failing because after making the decision on their own, they are unwilling to point out mistakes along the way. They won’t bring up the mistakes they notice thinking their “smarts” will be questioned.

The human mind is wired not to delete negative thoughts, but to replace those with powerful positives that override the effects of the former. Replay these positive thoughts in your mind at every available opportunity and with time, these become your life’s reality and manifest positivity.

Always remember that if your mind conceived that goal or dream, then it is very well capable of achieving it. This is the first step to harnessing the power in positive thinking. It gives you the creative and physical energy, plan and drive to achieve your set goals by making the tasking seem exciting, easy and achievable.
Here is a great ideas and information about positive thinking.

What are your experience of focus on positive thinking? Please send us a comment about it or your experience about it.

To your success.


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