How to build a self-esteem in youth

By | March 28, 2016

How to build a self-esteem in youthIn youth, the self-esteem is many times low. They need to learn and get help to build it up. But how to build a self-esteem in youth? Niko Everett talks in this TEDx talk about her experience about self-esteem and how she build it up. But Niko Everett has worked a lot for Girls for change. Showing a young woman that they are unstoppable.

It is very interesting to hear she talk about the development of herself when she was to start with a problem with her self-esteem. And then how she managed to build it up with great results like we can see on her speech in this lecture.

Niko Everett explains very well how she manage to rise from having the little self-esteem to be with very strong self-esteem and on same time give a lof of ideas for girls and boys too. Because we must not forget that many boys have this problem too!   It is really good feeling people get when it’s watching her lecture and see a strong woman who has made a great job of herself have strong self-esteem.

How to build a self-esteem in youth?

Late in the TEDx talk, she comes with four very important tools to build it up. It is here:

    1. Spent time with people who let us feel good! It´s so important to be surrounded by good people who let you feel good.
    2. Turn up the volume on positive thinking and delete the negative ones! Like we have said many times here in, positive thinkingis so important.
    3. Tell others what you like about them! Help to jump star their positive thinking. Send good signals from you, to let other people feel better. It´s good for them, and it´s good for you.
    4. When we receive a compliment, stand our ground, look the giver in the eye, let in and say, thank you!

What about you, how have the self-esteem been through the years? Are you on the right way? Or very good at the moment? Please share with us your experience in the comments.


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