Am I ugly or pretty? A guide to appreciate who I am

By | December 16, 2015

Am I ugly or prettyCurrent research has shown that over 10,000 people in a month are searching the phrase “Am I Ugly.” This is a worrying trend that indicates a low self-esteem among our teenagers. What is making this trend worse is the eruption of social sites that allow critics to comment on the photos of some of these teenagers. Most of them being girls feel inadequate when they see the comments they have received on their photos. As they try to compare their size with those of the models they are left frustrated about how they look. This should stop.

But let’s take a look at these teenagers. Are we ignoring them? Are we giving them the right attention? Should they be thinking about how ugly they are? We must come up with a solution. We have to teach them to be confident on the way they look. It is our duty always to remind them that they are beautifully and wonderfully made.

Have you watched a movie and saw a beautiful girl? Or met a friend and you loved they way she look. Am sure it is not a single time that we meet people who we describe as beautiful. We believe they are stunning and perfect. When it comes to ourselves, we believe the opposite. We turn to think of how bad people think about us. But this is not the case. We are what we think. Our mind controls our emotions. A shift in the way we think can help us build self-esteem, and this will stop us from thinking how ugly we are.

am-I-uglyThe report that indicates the over 10,000 people are searching the phrase am I ugly each day is disturbing. It even becomes worse when we learn that 6 in 10 girls will not do what they are supposed to do because they feel bad about their looks. But let’s take a personal approach. Personally, I don’t wake up every day and feel beautiful. There are mornings that I feel clumsy, ugly and even unattractive. It is obvious to go to this extent. What we need is to overcome this feeling. We program our minds that we are the best that we could ever be. We should feel joyful, beautiful, alive, radiant and enthusiastic each day.

Here are some of the magic’s that can transform our culture to make us proud of who we are;


When you wake up every morning, take some few minutes and have some self-care. It is obvious that all ladies would love to be appealing and attractive. Go to the bathroom; do your hair perfectly, paint your nails, take a shower and perfume your body. These morning activities are useful in helping you start up your day. It is important always to start up by doing something nice that will push you the whole day. After taking care of the body, wear some beautiful clothes, necklaces and any other pieces of jewelry. Move out to the world feeling awesome.

Remember to smile

Has anyone ever noted that they look better while smiling? The secret is smiling makes you attractive. It opens your heart to the world. Every time you smile you will feel and appear beautiful. To the people you meet, you will be confident. Maintain eye contact with them and give your perfect smile. Rather than giving you bully opinions of how bad you look they will be ready to compliment you with how beautiful you are.

Am I prettyEat healthy

Do you know eating healthy and nutritious food can help you feel beautiful? Yes, it is very true. Eating is not only a perfect source of energy and power but also a way of making us confident when we meet colleagues. Prepare tasty foods that will make you feel awesome. Use this energy to feel in touch with yourself. Walk to the world full of confidence that you are awesome. When you display energy, the world will give compliments, and this will make you feel beautiful.


Most of us feel ugly when we try to compare ourselves with the models that we watch in movies or the photos displayed in magazines. Their sizes marvel us. We dream of attaining their size. But the truth is some of us are overweight while others are using weird ways of losing weight. A simple daily workout can be learned by all of us to help us to maintain a good body shape. When you engage in a workout before proceeding to school or work, you will feel great. Workouts are good stuff for maintaining our beauty. Every time after work-out, my body is left shining with energy and self-confidence. This is what we need to feel better about ourselves.

Love yourself

There is no point of listening to people’s opinion if you do not value yourself. I always remind myself that am the way I am, and I love myself that way. This is not something I need anyone to remind me; it is obvious to me. It’s the tuned state of my mind. It dictates to me that no matter the opinion of other people I must love and cherish myself. Let’s remind us that we are unique we do not need the shape of a model. We are perfect the way we are. My key role is to accept, respect and love who I am.

Am I ugly or prettyIgnore people opinions

Most of us who perceive real imperfections receive most of the recommendations from their friends. It is obvious that our peers will uncontrollably talk of how perfect we would be if we were like a known celebrity. Some may even be there to tell us of how imperfect we are. But that is their opinion. We should ignore what they say and believe that we are perfect not only in our eyes but also in the eyes of our creator who made us perfectly.

Practice positive thinking

Over 90% of the time, we think we are unattractive, it is because we have made our minds think so. It might not be true. If you want to be beautiful, think it to feel it. Replace the phrases “I’m not pretty” with compliments such as “Am beautiful and gorgeous.” Let your minds be positive at all times. Keep your best photos in places that you would see them regularly. Do not ask for opinions on whether you are beautiful; be convinced that you are gorgeous. If you create beautiful thoughts, you will be inducing emotions that will keep you beautiful at all times.

True beauty is not about other people opinions; it occurs when we become perfectly fine with ourselves. We may be tempted to be people we cannot fit. We may lack people who compliment us to remind us that we are beautiful. The truth is, if you rely on opinions, you won’t get far. It is the time we start caring for ourselves; we dress the clothes that we love and do things that make us feel beautiful. Our mind should be positive to build our self-image. There is no need to dress up or behave in a certain way to make our friends compliment us. We can do it ourselves if we believe we are beautiful. Let’s fight anything that will make us feel anything less than gorgeous. We are beautiful; we do not need anyone to remind us or confirm it to us.

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