Am I ugly?

By | December 8, 2015

Am I uglyThis question, am I ugly come from a lot of girls this day through the internet. The phrase; am I ugly,  in a month on Google, is at least 10.000 The pressure that are put them through all kind of image from their idols, models, actor and much more, showing a „perfect“ body in opinion from some people are building up a pressure of them. The pressure that are not right, and you can say unnormal. So that way sees the question so much; am I ugly or pretty?

Their ideal is in size zero, and some of this photos are photoshopped. For teens where are building up their self-confidence, where many have a problem with low self-confidence, this is up not helpful to build up a self-confidence.

Where is this pressure coming from? There can be the many opinions about it, but it´s no question it´s important that the teens get support and help from their friends, parents, uncles, etc.  to don´t let this images and pressure damage them. People need to work together because the pressure is everywhere, in social media, in films, in fashion and number one, in the world many of the girls live in where everything is on full power with to little time to think about the life, themselves, etc.

am I ugly or prettyBecause Meaghan Ramsey of the Dove Self-Esteem Project has a feeling that many of the people that use the phrase, am I ugly, in Google wee young girls, so she talked about what we can do in excellent TED talk about this case.

Here is her lecture about it which is called Why thinking you´re ugly is not good for you. She has many good advises there so please listen carefully.  So we hope that in the future, we hear not this question, am I ugly or pretty?

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