8 ways to get over the fear of public speaking

By | December 1, 2015

get over your fear public speakingThe fear of public speaking is a common phobia. It is estimated that over 40% of people will have this fear. It occurs when you experience a performance anxiety that makes you visibly anxious. This fear can destroy your profession as well as your personal life. It is obvious that one day we will have to speak in public. In most organizations, you must be able to pass a point to other members of the staff. Whether it is during an interview, presenting to an audience or any other circumstance, you need techniques to overcome the fear of public speaking. The following are ways on how to get over the fear of public speaking.

  1. Prepare before presentation

The initial step of a successful public speaking is to get organized. When your thoughts and materials are organized, you can be relaxed and calm during the presentation. You can start your preparation by writing your speech. Be conversant with what you are going to say. Rehearse the presentation by presenting to a friend. Make sure you can answer any question from your presentation. The more you practice, the better you will be during the presentation.

  1. Redefine the fear

When walking to the stage and you feel like shaking, stop thinking of the fear. Take it as adrenaline. It’s the hormone responsible for the anxiety. But the hormone has some good benefits; it gives you more energy, your brain works faster. As you approach the stage, focus on the good side of the adrenaline. If you are sweating, take it as energy to help you through your speech. With this mindset, you will overcome the fear.

  1. How to speaking over the fearBreathe deeply to relax

Before you start giving your speech, take a deep breath. You can do this as you are walking to the stage. Let your muscles relax. Relaxation will ground your fear. You will feel better and ready to present.

  1. The audience believes in you

During your presentation, the audience has an expectation that you should fulfill. They are eager to know what you have for them. Do not focus on yourself, think about the audience. Let go your feelings, and think about the audience. If you convince yourself that the audience gave you a chance because they believed in you, you will be able to satisfy their expectation.

  1. Change your style during the presentation

The presentation is not just by the word of the mouth but through tone variation, movement, gestures, eye movements among others. Learn these tactics. They can help you to overcome the fear. During the presentation, focus on the emotions that you want to convey to the audience. Think if giving a big smile when taking of something nice, raise your tone if you are giving a warning, walk around and engage your audience if it is possible. If you use these styles of communication, your fear will go away, your emotions will be carried to that of the message.


  1. How to speak in publicYou won’t be perfect

This is the tip. If you mess during your presentation, do not fear. Everybody make a mistake. Just apologize and continue. Your audience will understand. If you show your audience you are cool; they will be more than willing to support you through your presentation.

  1. Look for a supportive face in the crowd

As you rush your eyes across the crowd, notice the supportive people. They have an expression of great interest in your presentation. Feel good that someone is following. Focus on them. Build your self-confidence from them.

  1. Public speaking classes

If you constantly find yourself in great trouble during public speaking, it is highly advisable to find a coach or a mentor. Such a person will guide you in the art of public speaking. He will help you practice to make a good speech and be able to deliver it. With such training, you will easily overcome the fear of public speaking.

The fear of being judged, not measuring up, what will happen in the stage adds up to limit you during your address to the audience. You can overcome it by knowing your topic, getting organized and focusing on emotions that will boost your self- confidence. Creating a self-belief that you are good enough will push you to deliver a wonderful speech. If all this fails, create mentors who will guide you to overcome the fear. If you practice these techniques, you will overcome the fear of public speaking.
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