7 ways to help someone with low self-esteem

By | May 6, 2016

Here are 7 ways to help someone with low self-esteem. But first, let’s understand what low self-esteem is.

Low self-esteem is a universal psychological dysfunction. Cognitive behavioral treatment assists people to build their self-esteem by first identifying the relationship between their behavior feelings and thoughts. When a person first identifies the automatic negative thoughts, it is easy to recognize the underlying faults in their thinking and provoking them to rewrite the thoughts again in a more balanced alternative way. Thoughts are a hypothesis to test and not truths to be indiscriminately taken and acted upon. CBT believes what we experience does not matter; the way we interpret it determines us.

CBT assist you to turn the spiteful cycle of low self-esteem into a virtuous circle of high self-esteem. The following are ways to help someone with low self-esteem using cognitive behavioral treatment.

  1. Cognitive restructuring

This is a combination of identifying negative thinking patterns and replacing them with positive and effective thinking patterns. Cognitive restructuring technique for people with low self-esteem is focused on identifying the negative thoughts a person has to himself/herself. It identifies the distorted thinking, for instance, labeling oneself as a failure, due to deficit skills a person has or as a result of a negative event.

  1. Behavioral activation

People with low-self esteem tend to keep off activities that they fear they will not fair on well. It´s let them have fewer opportunities for rewarding activities. Behavioral activation focuses on reversing this cycle by assisting people to re-engage with life hence creating more rewarding experiences.

ways to help someone with low self esteem

  1. Assertiveness training

People with a low self-esteem are not able to stand firmly for what they want. Assertive training focuses on training people to learn skillfully and effectively acquire what they want without sacrificing their happiness.

  1. Problem-solving technique

People suffering from low self-esteem tend to feel helpless most of the time. This technique assists people to identify problems, recognize resources and possible solutions, and finally implement effective plans.

Social skills technique

  1. Social skills technique

Social skills for a person suffering from self-esteem are often affected. This technique aims to help the person be more positive so that they can participate in more social functions that can assist them to come out of their state.

  1. Keep a self-esteem inventory. 

This is the main component of cognitive behavioral therapy. A person has to spend some time trying to identify the irrational thoughts. The solution for not being good enough to do something is no wallowing, but moving on to something the person can do best.

  1. Never compare yourself with others

The world is dynamic. There is no way on earth that people will ever be the same. People should compare themselves with their graphs, what you used to do but you don’t anymore. It helps people trace the way from where they lost it.

If self-esteem is alleviated, many psychological complications will diminish substantially or disappear totally. This necessitates the need to have effective means to improve low self-esteem. With these 7 ways to help someone with low self-esteem, you can be assured of change in your life.

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