10 ways to relieve stress

By | April 23, 2016

Stress is anything that poses a threat to our well-being, either physically or emotionally. When people feel stressed by things around them, their body react by releasing chemicals into the blood which provides energy and strength to cope with the situation. It can be bad if it depresses one emotionally bringing about some risky emotional effects. Stress should, therefore, be controlled immediately after detection. There are some simple self-care practices that one can engage in even at a home level to relieve stress. Here are 10 best ways to overcome any stressful situation.

Get enough sleep.

Having the normal sleeping hours a day is a healthy way of relieving our stress, as one gets to wake up fresh, in a good mood. Sleep is also known to increase the levels of dopamine, an important neurotransmitter in our brains involved in the control of our emotions. This is the reason we get refreshed after a good night sleep.

Listen to some music.

Music is the food for the soul. It might be all you need to get out of the stressful situation. It is the ability of music to provide a mental distraction that makes it a good stress reliever. If dancing is added, music will also assist in reducing muscle tension, and this is also beneficial in relieving stress. The affected should, therefore, try out some favorite music in medium volumes and allow his mind to get absorbed into the flow of the music. Inspiration music will work better than any other type of music because it gives hope for a good tomorrow.

Write down your thoughts.

Jotting down what comes to your mind or what you feel can greatly assist in reducing the stress. It results like letting it go the stressing thoughts. You are basically sharing what is disturbing you by jotting it down. Remember a problem shared is half solved! Writing down your thoughts will also assist in changing the perspective of how harsh you think they are. This is all you do to relieve that stress.

Try yoga and dancing.

How to control stress

Different postures and controlled-breathing exercises make dancing and yoga a very successful stress reliever. Both have the ability to bring the physical and mental disciplines bringing about the peacefulness of the mind. Yoga has been proved to be effective in controlling stress levels beyond zero. All you need is to start with the simple yoga postures as you allow your body to relax and let go the stress.

Speak out.

It’s said that a problem talked is half solved. Speaking out your stress or feeling to a close friend or family member is, therefore, a recommended way of relieving the stress. Sharing can assist much as there may be a possibility that the person you go sharing with might also have been a victim of your stressor, and he/she will obviously assist by providing tactics to help you coping with it.

Avoid alcohol and other drugs.

Most of us run into drugs when we face stressful situations. Alcohol and other drugs are not solutions for stress; in any case, they worsen the situation. It is therefore recommended that the affected should avoid any of the drugs for the better.

Eat a balanced diet.

Do you know a balanced diet can help reduce stress? Yes, it can! Our body need a lot of nutrients that gives it the energy to cope with the stressful situation. When preparing your meals, it equipped with all essential vitamins. They will feed your brain, and you will be relieved of your stress. A balanced diet is also important to avoid complications such as weight loss during the period. Also, note that there are some foods that can trigger stress, example includes caffeine. These foods should be avoided.


Laughter is known to be a cure for the stress. A constant smile keeps you away from those depressing moments of stress. It’s all you need to forget that you are stressed.

Time management.

10 ways to relieve stressMulti-tasking activities are inevitable in our culture. This is the main cause of sleep for most of us. It is therefore recommended that if possible, one should restrict himself from multitasking. A lady can avoid like cooking, assist in assignments, check emails, and watch the young kids at the same time. Instead, she can divide the chores among the family members.

Seek professional counseling.

If the self-care measures don’t seem to work on you, it is highly recommended that one seeks some assistance from the professionals. They can easily assist in identifying your stressor and give you some tactics to help you cope with it.

What it´s your experience about  relieve stress? Please share with us in the comments.


10 thoughts on “10 ways to relieve stress

  1. Xaric

    Hi Johann,

    My favorite method for stress relief is meditation.

    While meditation is not to be used for the purpose of relieving stress, stress relief comes about as one of meditation’s side effects.

    The more you meditate the more established and solid, feelings of deep peace and bliss become.

    Meditation is a great way to permanently alleviate stress in the long run.

    Do you have any experience with meditation?


    1. Johann H Ragnarsson Post author

      Thank you Xaric.

      I´m absolute agree with you, meditation is a very good way to handle stress. A lot of great sports players for example use it regularly. 3 days ago, I was in lecture of the Icelandic Champion in chess. I ask him some question about his mental training for the sport. He said, for example, that he used meditation twice in day. I know too that the best golf player in Iceland use it regularly too. And a lot of other players like I said.

      In the world of top class sports is a lot of stress so it say a lot that they use it. I believe too, that mix of meditation and yoga are very good way to handle stress.

  2. Dejan

    Hello there,
    I absolutely agree with you. For me, having enough sleep is probably the most important thing to do. When you wake up in the morning, having slept enough, you are able to do pretty much anything that requires mental activity – As long as you have the motivation. Another stress relief that is also working great for me is sport activities, sweat it out, forget about the thing that worries you for an hour or two. Great stuff.

    1. Johann H Ragnarsson Post author

      Thank you, Dejan.
      You are absolute right, sleep are the key thing. More and more researches shows it very well. Better feeling, better focus to name few benefit about it.
      I´m agree too about the sport activities. And must mention too that it is very important to find out which activities you like. Running, walking, gym, football ect. Just find you what you enjoy to do, then you have much less problem to keep the good tradition.

  3. Adrian

    I found that exercise has been a big help to me in relieving stress, I get out and go for a jog early in the morning three times a week.

    There’s nothing like getting up before sunrise and getting outside in the fresh air, it’s quiet and it’s dark but this just makes me feel good already.

    When I come back from my jog, I feel good that I’ve done my workout and I feel that I can handle just about anything the day might throw at me.

    For me being fit just helps me to remain calm and it helps me to develop a positive well-being which means I don’t get too stressed about things.

    1. Johann H Ragnarsson Post author

      Thank you for great comment.
      You are absolute right, to be fit and a lot in the nature are very important for so many things. And have big effort to be less stressed. Keep up the good work.

  4. alex

    I am really happy I came across this page. I’m in college and with finals week rolling around, I definitely needed some stress management tips. This was really helpful. Hopefully I can use some of these tips to get through finals week without going completely crazy or ripping all of my hair out 🙂 Thanks for the advice!

    1. Johann H Ragnarsson Post author

      Thank you. Stress is vital to control! It´s good for a small period, like when you play in sport, you need in the most sport a little stress but for a long term, it´s bad, so it´s important to work on it to management it. I hope you have great final week in the college and in the future too!

  5. ChazzBrown

    Unfortunately writing about my stressful issue seems to have the opposite effect for me. My stress generally comes from having too much on my mind.

    I find that both self-hypnosis and meditation require a level of focus that can be difficult when you’re already under stress.

    I find that listening to binaural relaxation mp3s is a good way to put your mind on autopilot.

    They are widely available as a free download

    1. Johann H Ragnarsson Post author

      Thank you for your ideas. I agree. The most important are to find the way which help you most. And I personally use music a lot.


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