10 ways to reduce stress

By | April 10, 2016

Here is a summary of 10 ways to reduce stress. This is a guide meant to help you become a better person.

Stress; what you should know…

In the 21st century being stress-free is like seeing a mammoth, very impossible. Individuals experience stress unique to their way of life, levels of education, and peer groups among other social or professional organizations. The much one can do is try and minimize the effects of stress related situations. The main idea behind reducing stress levels is achieving balance in your life. Use these ten tips to reduce your stress.


Most of the times, stress is caused by things that make you anxious. Constantly thinking about an issue prevents your mind from clearing up. Exercise being physically exhausting allows your mind to wander away from your current situation to the strain on your body. Exercise with what works for you, this maybe cardio, yoga, aerobics or Pilates.



In meditation, you lock out all thoughts and ideas from your mind for a period of time. Doing this for 20 to 30 minutes in a day serves as a reset button for your neurological functions. It is not easy trying to meditate for the first time. It is a gradual process that may begin with at least 3 to 5 minutes. In time, individuals get better at it. Yoga masters are said to meditate for days.


At times, stress comes as a result of being in a situation or having feelings that no one understands. Talking to people with experience in your problem is a perfect solution. This is especially important for people experiencing Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Post Partum Depression that happens to new mothers. Talking to other mothers will help ease the worry and anxiety that comes with childbirth.


Depending on what you do for a living body massage is useful in reducing stress. Having pressure points on our body affects the blood circulation system, in turn interfering with blood flow to the brain. Massages are particularly effective for people who work in enclosed spaces for long hours. Get massages that are deep tissue as they stimulate blood flow.


In the past, this would have sounded irrelevant and far-fetched. Well, not any more studies have shown that individuals are now addicted to gadgets that keep them in touch with the world such as phones and the internet. Avoiding the situation is no longer an option since humanity is at a point where almost everything happens online. So, always remember to carry your phone or laptop. In the case of losing charge have a backup battery or power bank.


Music has been known to be food for the soul. Take time and listen to music with particular beats or instruments that you enjoy. Inspirational music is one of the best ways to relax your mind. You can also listen to tunes that make you want to dance. That is a form of exercise. Alternatively, you can sing along. Your voice does not matter, just sing it out.


I can imagine you folding your face wondering what bourgeois drama this is. Well, it is to some extent but quite effective. Everyone loves a good smell. There are those times someone passes you and you feel or even follow their scent. Long use of aromatherapy has proved that certain scents in nature elevate certain moods and reduce anxiety helping one to relax. This is used in yoga meditation, and it works. Since not everyone can live out in the woods where you breathe in the fresh air full of cypress scents, you can get the locally manufactured and have it in your room as you sleep.

  1. 10 ways to reduce stressTAKING A BATH

After a long days work you have accumulated a lot of pressure from the job. Taking a long hot shower is known to help relax the body. For those with the time, you can soak in a warm aromatic bath in the tab for an hour. The temperate water helps to stimulate blood circulation while easing muscle tension.


The amount of caffeine staffed in the body from those decaf lattes you been taking the entire day at work ensure you body is always in a hyperactive mood. Strangely it is impossible to relax and be stress-free when the body is in that state. Some herbal teas are said to boost the release of certain hormones in the body that help the body to relax naturally. A good example is chamomile tea it is a natural tranquilizer. Taking it before bed will ensure a good night sleep, and we all know the importance of sleep to the body.


At times reducing stress levels can only come from a making a conscious decision to. Learning to accept certain situations by assessing your progress in the amount of time you have will help avoid anxiety. Anxiety is the major leading of all known stress related disorders. Allow others to help this might help deal with your over compulsive disorder to do everything your way.

How do you reduce stress? Please share with us in the comments.

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